Hello YAPI users and Friends!

As we draw closer to the holiday seasons the new year starts to creep up fairly fast. We created this video to remind patients to take advantage of their dental insurance. We are also providing you the ability to download this video for your own marketing efforts. Enjoy! Be sure to share on your social media pages, you can even embed this video into your website! Instructions are at the bottom of the page.

Your YAPI Team 

Want To Share The Video?

Instructions on downloading and using video

Click on the “Download Now” button above.  The video should pop up in a new window. Once the video pops up on the new screen, click on the “”  icon on the right-hand side of the video.

From there the video will be saved into your Downloads folder. Upload to your YouTube or Vimeo Account and “embed” the video on your website or share the YouTube link on your Facebook page!

If the download icon does not show up, please try another internet browser such as Google Chrome. If you are using Firefox simply right click on the video and click “Save Video As”

Now Download Your Email Templates! 

Instructions on using the Email Template(s)

If you use YAPI please download our “Use It Or Lose It” email template.

Do not unzip the file(s) after download. After the download, go to your YAPI Dashboard. 

  1. Click the Wrench Icon (Global Setup) -> Manage Documents and Templates
    The password is likely, ‘password’
  2. Click IMPORT
    Locate the zip file of the template -> Open -> Yes
    You may want to mark your template as ‘active’ by exiting and re-accessing Manage Documents and Templates and double click on your new template so it is marked as ‘active’
  3. Click GLOBE (Online) Icon -> Mail Blast
    Password is ‘password’
  4. Choose to filter or send to all patients.
  5. Select, Subject, Send!

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